About GreenSpeed Products

GreenSpeed Products is an Ohio-based business focused on providing green and eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based disposable products.  With our dedication to customer service and satisfaction, combined with the quality of products offered- we are certain you will be delighted to join our environmentally friendly customer base.

At GreenSpeed Products, we believe “Green” is a healthier way of living.  Our mission is to help green the world by giving companies and organizations viable and affordable access to green products. We pride ourselves in providing a wide selection of environmentally and eco-friendly products at conventional product prices.  We encourage consumers and customers to choose earth friend alternatives for their disposable supplies, whenever possible.

Our earth friendly products are made from renewable resources and recycled material.  We carry a variety of biodegradable cold and hot cups, biodegradable plates, compostable utensils, PLA carry-out food containers, recycled paper products, biodegradable bags and environmentally safe commercial grade cleaning agents.  Not only are all of our products safe and recyclable, they are also as efficient and effective as their conventional counterparts, without the significant waste footprint.   We make it easy to be green with our affordable biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

Consumers and employees alike will be glad to know they can drink from a cup and use products that won’t end up in a landfill for hundreds of years.  An excessive amount of waste is produced daily by a society driven by convenience.  A simple investment in renewable and recyclable disposable products is an investment into the world we live in.  Just choosing compostable coffee cups and lids will make a huge impact in your community.

YOU have an opportunity to make a cleaner environment for the future, one green product at time!